The bed that turns your van into so much more.

Camporan revolutionizes the camper concept, incorporating concepts such as easy assembly and disassembly, flat packaging that hardly takes up space, and the availability of the entire trunk width, so you can organize your luggage to your liking.

In addition, in the micro-vans, we extend the width of the bed to 130cm, more than the width of the trunk, to sleep comfortably.

We have 3 categories of products: Bed and mattress packs, camper bed without mattress, and folding mattresses. We can also supply blinds / insulators for your van as well.

What are you looking for?

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Packs: Camper Folding Bed, Mattress + Somier

Structures: Camper bed frame without Mattress

Folding Camper Mattresses

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