Mattresses for camper vans

We have the special mattresses according to the van to be camperized, with the fitting for the boot area.

In accordion for medium-sized vans, and in small vans type Rifter / Berlingo / Kangoo / Courier, in “T” to make the most of the width between the doors, and sleep with space.
The small campers are made with 6cm of high density foam D30, and the medium camper vans the mattresses are 80mm and density D25Kg / m³.
They always fit folded in the trunk of the van.

Which mattress are you looking for?

Put your van model and you will see what we can offer you. If we do not have it, ask in the Contact Contacto section.

You can also see here all the Vehicle Brands for which we have a custom mattress

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