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Camperizing Ford Tourneo Connect: Everything you need to know

What is camperization of a Ford Tourneo Connect?

The camperization of a Ford Tourneo Connect involves transforming this van into a habitable and comfortable space for your adventures. At Camporan, we specialize in selling custom beds and mattresses, designed specifically to fit this model of van.

Advantages of camperizing your Ford Tourneo Connect

1. Comfort

Mueble cama Ford Custom, vista lateralOur custom beds guarantee optimal rest during your trips.

2. Versatility

The Ford Tourneo Connect is a spacious and adaptable vehicle, ideal for camping. You can customize the interior according to your needs and lifestyle.

Why choose custom beds and mattresses?

Perfect fit

Our products are designed to fit perfectly into the Ford Tourneo Connect, maximizing the available space.

Quality and durability

We use high quality materials to ensure that our beds and mattresses are comfortable and durable.

How to install a bed in a Ford Tourneo Connect

Installing a bed for Ford Tourneo Connect is easy with our products. They are designed so you can do it yourself, without the need for complicated tools. You will receive all the necessary instructions for a quick and safe installation.

Frequently asked questions

Is it expensive to camper a Ford Tourneo Connect?

The cost varies depending on the needs of each client, but at Camporan we offer affordable and high-quality options.

How long does it take to set up a bed?

With our custom beds, you can have your Ford Tourneo Connect ready in no time, since the installation process is very simple.


Camping your Ford Tourneo Connect with custom beds and mattresses from Camporan is a great way to transform your van into a home on wheels. Enjoy the comfort and freedom of traveling with complete peace of mind.

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