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About Camporan

After several years in the plywood manufacturing sector, and already with extensive knowledge about these materials, I made the leap into selling. Initially to order, making the first prototypes of camper furniture, and as I had orders and clients who came to me on the recommendation of other clients, I began to manufacture small series, and to improve some details or finishes in each new series.
Direct contact with clients, some of whom come to our workshop to install it, allows me to remain connected with the client, obtain suggestions, and be able to directly check the improvements that I am implementing.
I can assure you that behind each piece of furniture, there is a lot of enthusiasm and effort. I hope we enjoy the trip, and I can contribute to your happiness.

We transform your Van into the vehicle of your dreams

With a single gesture, turn your van into the vehicle of your dreams.
With our exclusive structure and its folding mattress, your trips will have no limits!

The bed that turns your van into so much more.

Camporan is a multipurpose bed to camper your van. It is light, comfortable and easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition, thanks to its unique structure, it allows you to continue enjoying all the free space in the trunk.

The best technology at your service

Birch wood board (Marine board), coated with brown resin, smooth on one side and non-slip on the other.
Rounded and sealed edges in the boot area, and with adhesive felt in areas of contact with the bodywork.
Foldable mattress with easily removable cover thanks to its cremalera.

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